• Thegameplaya1

    There have been many "Resident Evil" games but where does Capcom draw the line? At 9 games, at 10 games? I heard that there would be that many. Is it true? Me personally ... I wouldn't mind if it went on forever. There have also been a lot of backlash from the game critics about the multi-million dollar franchise. They say that it's getting stale. That it was getting rusted. I say, "Resident Evil" is like a fine wine. It gets better with age. I think the Gallo Brothers said that. (Or was it Orson Wells in those commercials?) Idk, anyway. Ok, "Resident Evil" seems to grow with its audience. I grew up on it. I played almost every game in the franchise. Except the Mobile ones.

    I got "Resident Evil Operation: Raccoon City" on reserve. Didn't pick it …

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