There have been many "Resident Evil" games but where does Capcom draw the line? At 9 games, at 10 games? I heard that there would be that many. Is it true? Me personally ... I wouldn't mind if it went on forever. There have also been a lot of backlash from the game critics about the multi-million dollar franchise. They say that it's getting stale. That it was getting rusted. I say, "Resident Evil" is like a fine wine. It gets better with age. I think the Gallo Brothers said that. (Or was it Orson Wells in those commercials?) Idk, anyway. Ok, "Resident Evil" seems to grow with its audience. I grew up on it. I played almost every game in the franchise. Except the Mobile ones.

I got "Resident Evil Operation: Raccoon City" on reserve. Didn't pick it up yet, going to though. I think that I even reserved "Resident Evil 6" also. Can't remember. I love "Resident Evil." It's probably one of my best and personal favorite of the video game franchises. There's "Devil May Cry," "Silent Hill," "Madden," "Call Of Duty," "Medal of Honor," "Marvel Vs. Capcom," "Mortal Kombat," "Street Fighter," "NBA Live" (now NBA Elite), "GranTurismo," "Grand Theft Auto," "Saints Row," "The Elder Scrolls," "Assassin's Creed," "Fallout," "Alone In The Dark," and many, many others. I know, I'm going way back now. Lol. I'm dating myself. And I don't say that as much. Where was I? ... oh yeah, "Resident Evil." I hope it never ends.

I hope Capcom can come up with more story lines for the series. It's also like a soap opera ... with zombies. :) The NBC soap opera Passions had zombies. Weird. Anyway, "Resident Evil" could go on forever as lons as Capcom does right by its fans. Don't disappoint us Capcom, you wonderful, wonderful communications company. We love you guys over there. Keep bringing us "Resident Evil," keep bringing us the suspense, keep bring us the great characters (especially those sexy asses Jill, Claire, Ada, and the now grown up Sherry :P), and most of all keep bringing us those funny looking, scary ass, mischievous zombie. Us "ResHeads" will continue to appreciate the efforts that you put into those games and wisking them off to our local store shelves (GameStop).

Thank you Capcom for all the years of those wonderful ass "Resident Evil" games. Like I said earlier up top ... I hope it never, ever ends. As along as you keep putting those pesky zombies up, us ("Resheads") will keep blowing their heads off and knocking them down one by gruesome looking one like bowling pins.

Of course I never bowled a day in my life. :)

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