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    This is not a Resident Evil Wiki that stays true to itself. Case in point, most of the material indicated is not correct at all. From Barry Burton's page to Albert Wesker's, the information either; A) has the wrong quote in the form of the very first RE's Jill sandwich, of which is referenced in Revelations 2, B) The picture is incorrect, in it is from "Darkside Chronicles" and not from in game screenshot C) Data is not in the correct chronological order in Brian Irons reveals to Claire about G, or D) Everything is data from Biohazard, of which this wiki is not, although it is, I understand, what the Japanese version is called.

    I do enjoy all contributors forums, but they are limited to Resident Evil or Dino Crisis related disscusions. I gues…

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  • Timworld

    My first blog!

    March 23, 2015 by Timworld

    Hello, people of this refined wiki, and welcome to my first blog. This will be focused on the how I think the Remakes of the series should be made. As the first ever Resident Evil was already made, it doesn't need another remake if there has already been an HD Remaster release. Now a Resident Evil 2 remake can be surely made by using the gaming engine from Revelations 2, the Panta Rhei engine, I believe. The same exact storylines can be kept with maybe a few slight additions to the voice acting and placement of objects. I am getting goosebumps just thinking about every possible event. The Lickers would be scarier than they already are. Chief Irons being killed by the G-virus embryo would be terrifying. I am watching and waiting with great …

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