Hello, people of this refined wiki, and welcome to my first blog. This will be focused on the how I think the Remakes of the series should be made. As the first ever Resident Evil was already made, it doesn't need another remake if there has already been an HD Remaster release. Now a Resident Evil 2 remake can be surely made by using the gaming engine from Revelations 2, the Panta Rhei engine, I believe. The same exact storylines can be kept with maybe a few slight additions to the voice acting and placement of objects. I am getting goosebumps just thinking about every possible event. The Lickers would be scarier than they already are. Chief Irons being killed by the G-virus embryo would be terrifying. I am watching and waiting with great anticipation. I can only imagine G Birkin's mutations, on the count of six of them, with realistic graphics. Put in Hunk and Tofu's 4th Survivor, and I'd say that's enough for an astonishing remake for 2.

RE3 Nemesis would need it's own gaming engine for each enemy, ally, etc. Nemesis would have to be able to chase people from door to door, not stopping until he loses sight or is knocked out. It is what I call "Smart A.I." A.I. stands for Artificial Intelligence, which is defined as "the intelligence exhibited by machines or software." The enemies would not get stuck by an obstacle, such as an immovable box (for whatever reason), they would instead go around the obstacle to get to the target.

RE4, 5, and 6 wouldn't need a remake, but an HD collection for Xbox ONE and Playstation 4. It would be because people would be familiar with the controls and so newcomers can get to know the story. I will be putting my signature on all future blogs I post if it is okay. Timworld (talk) 14:09, March 24, 2015 (UTC)

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