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  • Toyoguchi

    Hello, Resident Evil fans. This will be a special event, call it a prelude of things to come. The next upcoming Resident Evil would need a sure-fire way of playing. The plot would need to be one that nobody has even dared to dream of, especially not even me. The new Cast would need to be reeled in like fresh Neptunes from out of the water and into the frying pan.

    However, in order to win over the hearts of classic and new Resident Evil fans, Capcom would need to return to its roots. The director would need to bring back the classic pre-rendered camera angles that were famous. before Resident Evil 4 was even released. Even the 'tank' controls that made Resident Evils 1 up to Outbreak File #2 spectacular would need to be in it. The typewriter…

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  • Toyoguchi

    Greetings, contributors! My most breathtaking moments throughout the series will be listed here. With the time I had to play the Resident Evils 1 to 6, I have found several moments that I found to be emotional. Be it sad, be it funny, be it jaw-dropping, these moments are those I will never forget, and the moments that I know are the best.

    My first moment will have to be the Super-Tyrant-002 fight. Reason being it was probably the hardest to beat regarding the classic tank controls. This is from Director's Cut, the version I played. This moment was funny because right at the end I fired the rocket. For some odd reason, it looks at the helicopter as if to say, "Well this sucks," then body parts are all that remained.

    My second would be the mo…

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  • Toyoguchi

    The New Deal

    February 10, 2015 by Toyoguchi

    The new deal is what the best moment is. The Please be sure to comment on what YOU believe is the best event in Resident Evil. After stating the event(s), explain why, please don't say "because I thought it was cool." Even though it is a reason I need to know what was going on in your event. The event I would have to choose is when Nemesis got knocked out by the door explosion in the news building on Resident Evil 3 because it was unexpected and funny. You aren't limited to game series, but please don't list from the Alice movies because it isn't what I'm looking for. You can list from the cgi films if you are interested. Even if you choose Wesker's first superhuman appearance from Resident Evil Code: Veronica, that's ok as well. If you ha…

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