Greetings, contributors! My most breathtaking moments throughout the series will be listed here. With the time I had to play the Resident Evils 1 to 6, I have found several moments that I found to be emotional. Be it sad, be it funny, be it jaw-dropping, these moments are those I will never forget, and the moments that I know are the best.

My first moment will have to be the Super-Tyrant-002 fight. Reason being it was probably the hardest to beat regarding the classic tank controls. This is from Director's Cut, the version I played. This moment was funny because right at the end I fired the rocket. For some odd reason, it looks at the helicopter as if to say, "Well this sucks," then body parts are all that remained.

My second would be the moment where Leon finds out that Ada is a spy. This is from 2, Leon's A story. Reason being is the soundtrack that plays when Ada gets shot by Annette, #25. It fit the overall sadness to see Ada fall. I think it's the best moment ever in RE history.

My third would be finding out that Wesker was still alive. At first, I couldn't believe it. I thought it was a clone made to terrorize Chris. This is from Code: Veronica. It was awesome because I saw right there that he was the best villain ever.

My fourth would have to be in Resident Evil 5. Seeing the main villain Wesker die was probably the moment of relief. The long fought battle with Wesker was finally over. Only foolish in my part, however, as Jake Wesker was his son. The seemingly hero son can fill the slot again, and be the new main villain.

My fifth moment is joining the Resident Evil Wiki. I didn't think there was a database for collecting these moments up until December of 2014. These are all of the moments. When I find more, it will be great. Untill then, goodbye contributors. It was a fun ride up untill now.

As I will enjoy reading the comments, please don't post spoiler comments about games that just recently came out. Reason being is I haven't played or watched someone play that game. Take Revelations 2, for example; I have only completed the first episode. I don't want my experience of any Resident Evil to be ruined.

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