Hello, Resident Evil fans. This will be a special event, call it a prelude of things to come. The next upcoming Resident Evil would need a sure-fire way of playing. The plot would need to be one that nobody has even dared to dream of, especially not even me. The new Cast would need to be reeled in like fresh Neptunes from out of the water and into the frying pan.

However, in order to win over the hearts of classic and new Resident Evil fans, Capcom would need to return to its roots. The director would need to bring back the classic pre-rendered camera angles that were famous. before Resident Evil 4 was even released. Even the 'tank' controls that made Resident Evils 1 up to Outbreak File #2 spectacular would need to be in it. The typewriters that were used for saving need brought back as well.

    Looking back at it now, Resident Evil 4-6 have slowly drifted away from survival horror. Several key elements were taken away. Key elements such as Ink Ribbons, poison, and single player. Some new elements that never really belonged were implemented into Resident Evil. These elements are Cooperative multiplayer, checkpoints before an encounter, sudden lightning or the guy you are playing as is scared when you aren't, and shopping merchants. I have always hated having to babysit a partner. I liked the Idea of when dying, you can choose to restart at a recent savepoint, picking up weapons found in lockers or on bodies, the item box that transfers from all items, and if tank controls are too much to bear, just go with the move and shoot system from outbreak 2, where the character moves reasonably where you want them to go

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