The new deal is what the best moment is. The Please be sure to comment on what YOU believe is the best event in Resident Evil. After stating the event(s), explain why, please don't say "because I thought it was cool." Even though it is a reason I need to know what was going on in your event. The event I would have to choose is when Nemesis got knocked out by the door explosion in the news building on Resident Evil 3 because it was unexpected and funny. You aren't limited to game series, but please don't list from the Alice movies because it isn't what I'm looking for. You can list from the cgi films if you are interested. Even if you choose Wesker's first superhuman appearance from Resident Evil Code: Veronica, that's ok as well. If you have a picture you can upload it to help others understand, like a screenshot. You can, if you want to, explain what was going on in your mind, but you don't have to. O.K. so Carlos and Jill were telling each other what team they represent, and Nemesis groans to alert Jill, I pick hide in back( one of two LIVE SELECTION choices) and then next thing I know, BOOM. My thoughts were "sure sucks to be you right now." If you have an event that leads up to your best momment, you can write it on the comments section of this page. Listing the film or game it's from would also help out.

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