• Trainalf

    Code Veronica Plot hole?

    September 23, 2011 by Trainalf

    Something that always confused me. I can't be sure if I missed something or Capcom did it deliberately, but it has always bugged me.

    Basic time line: Leon and Claire escape the underground lab with Sherry.

    The go on the run from Umbrella.

    Claire leaves Sherry and Leon and goes to Europe to look for Chris.

    She gets captured breaking into a Paris facility.

    She sends a message to Leon.

    Leon contacts Chris.

    This is what confuses me. How did Leon have such a easy time contacting Chris? If he was that easy to contact then how come Claire couldn't find him?

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  • Trainalf


    August 31, 2011 by Trainalf

    Nyx was without a doubt one of Umbrella's most interesting experiments, a large, jelly like creature that absorbed other organisms to grow in power. I wonder though how far they pushed the research? Nyx was a experimental bio-weapon, like the Lurker. Anyone think Nyx might have been Umbrella's stab at a unbeatable bio-weapon? No research probably remains, since Nyx was killed and then destroyed by the goverment strike.

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  • Trainalf

    Has anyone here actually read it? I did and I can see why some fans were upset Anderson was picked instead. It retained a lot of things from the games, like hunters, plant 42, Rebecca, ect ect. The plot & and setting were near identical. Is there anybody of this wiki who would've preferred this version over the current one?

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