Someone was kind enough to take an off-screen video of the brand-spankin' new RE6 trailer at Gamescom. It's hard to see and hear on some parts but it looks like the most promising trailer to date. When I find a better copy I'll change the link (or if someone else finds one, much appreciated - it's been about three hours since this one was posted and still can't find anything).

Please be warned that this trailer holds a few very big potential SPOILERS. Following is a highlight of some of the stuff I found interesting (which will also contain SPOILERS). Some of these are just my own speculation and theories.

By the way, guys?


  • Trailer further implies the missile seen in the E3 trailer is in fact a dispersal for the C-Virus, causing the zombie outbreak in Lanshiang.
  • Judging from what Hunnigan says, Leon and Helena are at the top of the list of bio-terrorist suspects for the outbreak in Lanshiang. Sounds like Simmons wants both of them and Ada to go down for it (I presume Leon for his support in Benford coming clean about the U.S. government's involvement with B.O.W.s and Helena because of the situation with Debra).
  • When Leon tells Hunnigan to fake their deaths, they show a glimpse of what could be Tall Oaks in an orange "glow" with what seems to be a mushroom cloud. Looks like maybe it was torched to contain the virus.
  • We can hear Carla (Ada for you people who still don't believe the obvious) speaking, talking about effects of the virus and how it is turning someone into the "monster they always were." Most likely Carla speaking to or about the Edonian soldiers she distributed the C-Virus to as an enhancement supplement.
  • Benford speaks about the threat of B.O.W.s and the need to "come clean" and join together. This scene was already leaked earlier around Comic-Con.
  • Sherry can be seen in a hospital gown in what could be an examination room or office maybe? She is attacked by a suit-wearing J'avo with a stun rod, whom she promptly and efficiently beats then takes the stun rod.
  • We catch a glimpse of Helena holding on to a mutated Debra's hand as Debra dangles over a pit. However, Debra slips away.
  • Carla seems to escape the confrontation between Chris, Piers, and Leon with a briefcase.
  • CarlAda shown at the end, nude, most likely further hinting (as if we needed much more evidence) that Carla went through a similar process that caused Debra's mutation, except Carla changed form into Ada (note: Spoilers revealed Debra was found "hatching from an egg" which was the same thing it was believed Carla went through to "mutate" into an Ada doppelganger).

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