Dear Resident Evil wiki users and contributors. I know that the badges awards are a bit basic and im aware of that most of you have the same idea to have them in a Resident Evil-ish type. What are the names and pictures of badges that you would love to have to show off?! Here's a list of what they're called so ya guys can think of awesome resident evil related Achievements.

Edit Track (edit counts)

  • Making a difference : Making 1 edit on a page
  • Just the beggining: 5 edits on pages
  • Making your mark: 10 edits on pages
  • Friend of the wiki: 25 edits on pages
  • Collaborator: 50 edits on pages
  • Wiki Builder: 100 edits on pages
  • Wiki Leader: 250 edits on pages
  • Wiki Expert: 500 edits on pages (every 500 edits, it will keep called the same)

Picture track (uploaded pics)

  • Snapshot : 1 picture on a page
  • Papparazzi: 5 pictures to pages
  • Illustrator: 10 pictures to pages
  • Collector: 25 pictures to pages
  • Art Lover: 50 pictures to pages
  • Decorator 100 pictures to pages
  • Dessigner: 250 pictures to pages
  • Curator : 500 pictures to pages (every 250 pictures or so, it will keep counting as a curator)
Note if a page's galleries or pictures get deleted or a page gets vandalized by getting it's content deleted, to the user that undoes it, will get the pictures count on the page thus the
achieve count.

Category track (taggin')

  • Make a connection: 1 category to a page
  • Tail Brazer: 5 pages to categories
  • Explorer : 10 categories to pages
  • Tour guide: 25 categories to pages
  • Navigator: 50 categories to pages
  • Bridge builder: 100 categories to pages
  • Wiki planner: 250 categories to pages (every 250categories, the user will keep getting this name)

Blog track (bloggin')

  • Something to say: write a blog post
  • Opinator: comment 3 blogs
  • And one moar thing: comment on 10 blogs

I ♥ my wiki track

  • Key to the wiki : edit on any page for 5 days (sometimes it wont be nessesary to be 5 days straight)
  • Two weeks on the wiki: contributing on any page for 14 straight days
  • Devoted: contributing for 30 straight days on any page of the wiki
  • Dedicated: for contributing for 60 straight days on any page of the wiki
  • Addicted: for contributing 100 days straight on any page of the wiki.
  • A wiki "life": for contributing for 200 days straight on any page of the wiki.
  • Wiki Hero!: nvm, you won't ever get this editing for 365 days in any page of the wiki...250 points worth!

Special Achievements

  • Welcome to the wiki: joining the wiki
  • Introduction: edit your user page.
  • Stopping to say HI!: Leave a message on another user's wall
  • the creator:the creator of the wiki, only a person can get this

Secret Achievements

  • Pounce!!!: For making edits on 100 pages within an hour of the page's creation! (idk what this means)
  • Caffeinated: do 100 edits on any page in a single day!!!
  • Lucky Edit: 1000th edit of the wiki!!!!

i know, is a looong list of achievements, I hope everyone can get togheter and name the achievements. (:

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