I am concern about the situation on the wiki; Most users complain about almost EVERYTHING, mostly about Blogs and User Rights -this you should deal with it however-, and i've been quite neutral on sides. But im terrible concern about categories; which is an easy way to get the point ranks.

Some users been abusing this feature by giving some NONSENCE categories. It's considered to be WHOREPOINTING -adding information for the points- and abusing the points. I've warned users and they still be doing the same. Here's a list of the following categories YOU SHOULD NOT BE ADDING OR ELSE by OR ELSE means a minor/long BLOCKING/USER RIGHTS AWAY depending how many pages you've categorized:

  • Non-Canon , Non canon, Non Canon: there been several categories to be put under such as Marvel vs Capcom, earth-96169, The mercenaries
  • "Category:Resident_Evil:_Extinction_Creatures" or any movies creatures : RIGHT CATEGORY IS "Film Creatures"
  • t-Virus Creatures; Are you effing kidding? Most creatures were created by the t-Virus, other categorie
  • Infected ; C'mon, there is the B.OW or Zombies categories

ANY PROBLEMS? Message me, i dont bite, i'll just pinch the hell outta you with my Horn.

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