The Beginning

This Blog is about my personal opinions on characters and their outfits. Please do not comment unless it is a compliment.

Rebecca Chambers

So to start we have Rebecca Chambers in her stars outfit. She wears a green simple green t-shirt under her white S.T.A.R.S. vest, simple enough, but cute in its own way. On her legs she wears green cargo pants that she has rolled up, which causes here outfit, at least in the legs area to be a little tacky. She wears heeled boots, which makes no sense. Overall, I generally like her outfit, if I had to venture a guess, her signature colour is either white or light green.

Next we have Rebecca's Leather outfit from RE 0. She wears a maroon "O" style halter top, aswell as maroon arm covers, with black gloves, her pants and heeled boots are black aswell. Personally I never put her in this outfit and it is my most hated Rebecca outfit, as I feel she looks like a moderately price prostitute. But that is my opinion. Plus, an all leather outfit such as this doesn't seem very good at all.

Now we have Rebecca's Cowgirl outfit from RE 0 and RE. I think this is one her less appealing outfits in my opinion. She wears tan-brown, dress shirts with arms cut off and the waist section tied up, with blue short-short cut jeans and blue and gold leather cow girl boots, wth black fingerless gloves. Let's not forget her red neck bandana. I don't like this outfit, I feel it could use alot of work.

Lastly we have her most recent outfit and perhaps my favorite, her Nurse outfit from RE: TM 3D. In this she wears, in a way white version of Sheva Alomar's fairy tale outfit. she wears white pumps with with top frilled stockings, a nurses hat, white finglerless wrist frilled gloves. The dress she wears. while strongly resembling Sheva's Fairly Tale outfit does have its differences, on such being that instead of red in color it is white, with her upper back exposed and missing a hood. The part of the dress where the skirt tail is is slighlty less poofed out and rather than feathers she has a multi-layered skirt. In the end this outfit is pretty exceptable, but could use very smal improvements, such as a touch of pink or blue, but i digress. Anybody else reminded of Amy Rose with this outfit?

Billy Coen

Now we have Billy Coen, the ex-marine framed as a killer. To start his very simple outfit he wears a purple wife beater and blue jeans with dark brown dress shoes and handcuffs acting as a bracelet on his wrist. Oh, and his dog tag. His small mullet is lame. A casual and a passing outfit in my opinion.

Lastly we have his Suit. He wears black sunglasses, a blue suit and a marigold dress shirl, his lame mullet still exists. LAME! I dunno, this outfit is acceptable at best. His signature color is Dark Blue.

Chris Redfield

First off we have series Male Lead, Chris Redfield, the noted only out gay protagonist of any video game series. To start he wears a white shirt with a green vest over it. However in the RE 5 version the white shirt is a rolled up white dress shirt. with grey cargo pans and black boots. Let's not forget hs silver watch and black gloves! I like this outfit it's simple and effective. He is so hot! This outfit is also his ninth outfit.

Chris's Second outfit is his "Made in Heaven" or "The Mexican" outfit, In this outfit Chris wears a red shirt with the "Made in Heaven" logo over a white striped shirt. Khaki Pants cover his legs and red and black tennis shoes on his feet, he wears black sunglasses as well as white and black fingerless gloves. I thought at first this was his equivalent of Jill's RE 3 Clothes, but then I learned it was his equivalent of Claire's RE 2 outfit. I dunno I think the sunglasses drag it down, but over all I like it. P.S. I have never seen or heard of the movie "The Mexican" until I read this wiki lol.

Chris's Third outfit is his RE: CVX outfit or "S.T.A.R.S. Alternative" outfit, pretty much it is a palette swap o his original S.T.A.R.S. outfit featuringa forest green shirt under a black (dark/navy blue?) vest with forest green pans and black boots, and black fingerless gloves. I feel an epic failure with this outfit, it's really uninspired, with alot to be desired (I rhymed!).

Chris's fourth outfit is a Snow Combat outfit from RE: TUC, it's actually a really simple outfit, it features white cargo pants and jacket under a green vest with black boots and white gloves. My only real comment on it is that it's simple but perfect for the occasion.

Chris's fifth outfit is a winter B.S.A.A. suit. It includes a white knit beanie, and snow camoflauged shirt and cargo pants he wears brown snow boots and black gloves. I feel this outfit is a step back from his Snow Combat outfit, but thats life.

Chris's sixth outfit is his Aquatic Gear. it resembles his standard B.S.A.A. outfit except the dress shirt is dark blue and the cargo pants, while light grey all seem to be made out of the same material as a scuba suit, he wares a dark green vest with black shoes and gloves. I like this outfit.

Chris's seventh outfit is his Desert B.S.A.A. gear from RE 5. Chris wears Khaki Cargo pans and black shoes and gloves with a pale pine green light mesh shirt. It's simple enough, but lacks until you put the melee gear on in which it becomes a winner.

Chris's eigth outfit is his Safari it features black sunglasses a violet mesh shirt and zebra striped pants and shirt, with white shoes. His hair turns white-ish too.

Chris's tenth outfit is his regular B.S.A.A attire. It feature light grey to white cargo pants a white dress shirt black shoes and fingerless gloves with a green bullet proof vest. I am severely dissapointed in this outfit, because I think the took his remade S.T.A.R.S. outfit and changed the vest and emblems, Minus 75 points CAPCOM!

Chris's eleventh outfit is Road Warrior style, but I think it could use a substantial amount of help. This outfit features black leather spiked shoulder gaurds, black chest and back straps and black leather pants with black sunglasses and black boots. Oh, and black fingerless gloves, I feel this oufit could lose the chest and back straps and sunglasses, then it would be a winner.

Chris's twelfth outfit is called HEAVY METAL! He wears black fingerless gloves and has dark grey metal plates covering his shoulders, upper torso front and back and his lower torso front and back with black boots. The only way to make this outfit better is if his entire upper torso was exposed! His Signature color is Dark Green.

Jill Valentine

Barry Burton

Barry, I don't really care for him. In his first appearence he wears a white shirt under a red vest and dark grey cargo pants. He also wears black and brown boots with black gloves. I wish alot of improvement upon Barry! His signature color is red.

Albert Wesker

Excella Gionne

My Second favorite female in the series EXCELLA GIONNE (who is sadly dead)! Her only outfit was a white dress that had a superior V section on the torso. She wears gold high heels, and a very pretty bronze neckalce. It is notable and noticable in her final scene that she neither wears a bra or panties. and thus she is constantly "commando" in her clothes. To emulate her love Albert, she gets a pair of sunglasses to wear as she heads for thier tanker. I wish they gave her far more outfits and more appearences in the story. Her signature color is white.

Excella's second outfit (unofficialy), dubbed "Proto Excella" is her beta outfit. She wears a pink dress suit. This skirt is side slit and she wears a white dress shirt underneath a pink suit shirt. But notably underneath this she wears a black frilled corset and black stockings, as well as black high heels.

Barry's second outfit is lame, he wears a brown bomber vers, black cap, grey pants, black gloves, boots unknown, and a white shirt.

Barry's third outfit is a knockoff of Captain America, as well as a palette swap off Chris' Road Warrior outfit. Pretty much put red, white and blue with white stars random on Chris' Road warrior outfit, take off the sunglasses and put a gut wear the abs should be. I hate this outfit, it gives me nightmares.

Carlos Oliviera

Carlos, is quite possibly one of the simplest characters in terms of design. He wears a green dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up under a black vest with black boots and khaki pants. He also wears black gloves and a silver watch with brown leather straps. Nothing lost but nothing gained, lol! His signature color is plain green.


H.U.N.K. is simple and deadly! So in his first outfit. He wears a black gas mask with fire engine red eye covers. A black cargo jacket and gray cargo pants and boots. A grey vest is thrown in the mix.

His second outfit dubbed REAPER, makes him look like some form of death. It consists of a torn brown hooded shirt and pants with black boots and silver metal gloves. His gas mask turnes pale pine green aswell.

Revealed in his epilouge and at the end of RE: TUC, he is white with a muscular body and blonde hair. They need to make a game starring HUNK and explaing him alot more, as well as showing him without his gas mask. His signature color is grey.

Claire Redfield

Leon S. Kennedy

Jack Krauser

Ada Wong

My favorite female character ADA WONG! Ada's first (and third) outfit is a simple dress in RE 2. This dress is a red "A" style halter neck cocktail dress with black stockings and red high heels and black fingerless gloves. Quite possibly my favorite outfit that she wears.

Ada's second outfit is a red Manchurian-Chinese qipao, with gold butterly motifs, the dress itself is long and spilt at the thigh on both legs to give a more open appearence, it is held on the body by two red straps. underneath as shown by her upper body she wears black lingerie, and in the case of her bust, a black lingerie bra.

Ada's fourth outfit is a Special Operations set, it features a black shirt, underneath a black (navy blue?) vest. She wears black pants and boots with black fingerless gloves. I like this outfit, but it is my least favorite of her outfits. Her signature color is blood red.

NOTE: Ada's trademark is a butterfly, which happens to be my spirit guardian, thus she earns TRIPLE POINTS!

Sheva Alomar

Josh Stone

Josh Stone a.k.a. The only black male that lived! He wears a generic Desert B.S.A.A. outfit, it features faded khaki boots, cargo pants and gargo shirt, with a murky green bulletproof vest. I honestly wished he would have gotten extra costumes and they expanded on his character. His signature color is brown.

Jessica Sherwat

Parker Luciani

Steve Burnside

Steve, um, a knock-off at least. Steve wears Prisoner Escapee attire, the outfit itself includes a Blue Prisoner shirt, forest style military cargo pants black boots and notably black wrist straps replacing the mass used black finger less gloves. I have no idea what to make of him. His signature color is navy blue.

Special's (a.k.a. side characters I like enough to include)

Ashley Graham - Her first outfit, is a simple orange armless knit turtle-neck, with a green and black plaid skirt, brown boots and brown brown knit sweater with white snowflakes patterns.

Ashley's second outfit is often dubbed "Pop Star" in this she wears white jeans and a white "U" style halter top that exposes her midriff. She wears an orange belt and olive green heeled boots.

Ashley's third outfit, is a big bulky suit of armor. The suit itself is silver steel including the helmet. The suit is old enlish victorian style. I wished this outfit was alot thinner.

Ashley's fourth (unofficial) outfit is know as "Proto Ashley". In this outfit she wears a red coat, white and greyish green knit scarf, brown and white topped boots and black jeans with brown gloves. I really wish this outfit made it into the game, but oh well I guess. Her signature color is light orange. Her voice sucks and is annoying, but that, to me at least is her ownly flaw. I generaly like her.

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