Resident Evil HD Remake
To all the interested fans, I strongly recommend (and kinda beg you) to complete the survey that Resident Evil.Net is conducting. It is fairly long but this is a great opportunity to tell Capcom (or at least someone involved in the games) HOW you want the games to be and WHICH games are the best of the series.

The survey ask about personal information and then proceeds to ask different questions about your preferences in games. Like which is your favorite game series (Call of Duty is nicely an option), your favorite genre, usage of ResidentEvil.Net, RE's games played, and, most importantly, which RE games have you played, which ones you liked, which ones you hated, why you hated/loved them, your favorite characters, why, and, most MOST importantly, what YOU recommend Capcom DO FOR A NEXT INSTALLMENT IN RESIDENT EVIL SERIES.

Even if they are not gonna listen to the answers we submit, at least the show some concern. Fill the survey as you wish. This is a drop of hope. DON'T WASTE IT! YOU HAVE UNTIL FEBRAURY 19TH TO COMPLETE THE SURVEY.

Keep in mind that you need a ResidentEvil.Net account to participate in the survey (you can sign up with a Facebook or Twitter account anyway, so don't worry). Also, the language may be set up in japanese but you can change it (the option is in the upper right corner of the webpage.


Jill Valentine BSAA by toughraid3r37890

To make conversation, I chose Jill as my favorite character... she's just perfect!!!

**sorry for the bad grammar**

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