Racoon City Home of Umbrella

In this topic, I'll be talking about the characters who were caught up in the city, both minor and major, those who survived and those who perished. The purpose of this topic is to discuss what we know, find the facts and subsequently provide some clarity and definite "truth". :

Originally, we were aware that there were four survivors from the city - Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Sherry Birkin and HUNK. Leon, Claire and Sherry were taken into protective custody by the U.S. government after their escape from Raccoon City in RE2. This is the most likely thing to happen, since we know that the U.S. military had cordoned off the entire city. All three of them would have been questioned, with Sherry being taken into care by the respective authorities. HUNK, on the other hand, was successfully extracted via helicopter and as such returned to Umbrella with a sample of the G-virus. As far as we know at this point, Ada had not survived. Well, we were given clues as per her rumoured appearance during Leon's battle against our old friend, Mr. X. Despite this, her survival is indeed confirmed, given her appearance in Spain, six years later. We learn that Wesker was instrumental in providing Ada with an escape from the city, though he only helped her because she had what he wanted - a sample of the G-virus from Birkin's body tissue. However, RE3 is released and we're informed that Jill, a survivor from the earlier mansion incident is also in Raccoon City, along with Brad Vickers. Both members of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team. Brad is later killed by the Nemesis, a new type of BOW which was specifically designed to eliminate Umbrella's enemies - in particular, S.T.A.R.S. During her travels, Jill encounters the remnants of the U.B.C.S Delta Platoon - Carlos Oliveria, Mikhail Victor and Nicholai Ginovaef. Working with Carlos, Jill plans an escape from the city. Mikhail is killed in an attempt to delay the Nemesis, while Nicholai is confirmed to have escaped from Raccoon City via Jill's initial extraction chopper - which he beat them to, and subsequently used for his escape. As such, it is up to Barry to rescue them both from the doomed city. So far we've got a pretty clear picture of who survived and who didn't, but then along comes the Outbreak titles and suddenly we've got plenty more survivors than we originally believed. Quite a number of civilians. I'd write up more on this but I'd like to get some feedback first, since Outbreak has really thrown everything wild. Known survivors: Leon S. Kennedy Claire Redfield Sherry Birkin HUNK Ada Wong Jill Valentine Carlos Oliveria Nicholai Ginovaef Which leaves Outbreak. I don't know who survived and who didn't, it's really up in the air on that one. Any ideas?

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