RE Operation Raccoon City

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City will be released tomorrow. What can one expect from a Resident Evil game that is non-canonical and primarily focused on multiplayer? According to critics, not very much. This game is currently averaging a 50 Metascore on Metacritic. Let's look at a collection of quotes from the reviewers.

Loved It

Playstation Official Magazine UK

  • Score: 7/10

"This Uncharted-lite system partially makes up for the lack of smarts in the game’s firefights. Rather than tactically kneecapping crowds to give yourself time to regain composure (ala Resi 5), you spend much of the early stages ploughing soldiers with lead who barely acknowledge they’re being shot."



  • Score: 6/10

"Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is by no means a bad game. The chance to face off against Resident Evil favourites such as Nemesis is a really interesting idea, and the constant threat of zombies will always have you on edge. Saying that, I can see the multiplayer modes becoming repetitive fairly quickly. Whilst differing slightly, the modes on offer are too similar, and all play out on the same handful of maps."


  • Score: 6/10

"The game is only marginally improved by hopping into versus mode and replacing the mindless AI with actual humans. My favorite multiplayer mode involves blasting your way to a rescue helicopter in an attempt to secure a trip out of the doomed town. However, modes which require even an ounce of strategy, like team deathmatch or a capture-the-vial mode, fall apart due to the game’s inherently chaotic environment."


  • Score: 5/10

"Raccoon City isn't really Resident Evil as we know it, then. It's trying to be something else, which is fine in theory, but it doesn't quite manage to pull it off. The campaign is sloppy, repetitive and devoid of narrative intrigue. When playing as a group of four it's fun to the same extent that most co-op games are, but there are much better alternatives waiting to take your hard-earned cash."

Hated It

Digital Spy

  • Score: 4/10

"Indeed, quite a lot of the story elements across the seven campaign co-op levels don't really work, and the great promise held in the 'alternate' take on much-loved Resident Evil moments never feels fully explored. Playing the campaign on your own is also a bit of a mess. The co-op AI is really all over place (think Sheva Alomar in Resident Evil 5, and then double it), which means that it can be rather a chore to wade through the missions. This means that it is much better to go online and join three others on either the USS, or the Spec Ops teams, each with their own objectives."


  • Score: 4/10

"The AI of team members and enemies is simply atrocious. While it's preferable to play with friends, I was still stunned by how useless the computer-controlled teammates were. Not only are you unable to control their actions in any way, but their every move is unreasonable and downright idiotic. From running into empty rooms you've already cleared to constantly walking into obvious trip mines to finding surprising and frustrating ways to get themselves killed, your team offers no real backup or assistance, and there's very little incentive to even revive them when they fall. For a team-based shooter, this is absolutely unacceptable."

Wikian Reviews

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