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R.E Damnation...Damned?

Xarls85 February 10, 2012 User blog:Xarls85

After almost a year and a half without any new, rumour, spoiler...etc about the new Resident Evil CGI film and Capcom busy developing a record number 3 games in a single year (Revelations, just released, ORC and RE6)...Do you thinkResident Evil Damnation has been cancelled?

Although I consider the real actors movies to be crap (Except maybe the first two) I have watched degeneration about 20 times: Yeah the dialogues aren´t worthy of an Academy Award, the number of plot holes is astonishing (detailed below) but the action and of course the spirit of the franchise as well as the character´s charisma are constantly present and the makes the movie incredibly entertaining, so as you may guess ever since I was the "mistery person" trailer I was willing to see this second part, which looked great too by the way...but now I am afraid it could have been cancelled (Or about to) since the lack of news is really worrying. Your thoughts?

Some of the plot holes I mentioned:

- The scientists working on the T-Virus...come on! if they were working on it and had a vaccine...Shouldn´t they have been vaccined before starting working, besides I thought the virus couldn´t infect airborne.

- When Curtis was revealed as a suspect, why send his sister (Emotionally implied) instead of a strike team/Helicopter considering he is a potential bio terrorist?

- Leon may be strong but...How much does a G.Creature weight? About1 ton? near the end of the filmhe holds both Angela´s and Curtis´s weight with one single hand...

-Before Tricell an official party (Government dependant) would have searched the Willpharma´s ruins, specially considering it takes a while to buy another company

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