There is something i have been thinking of lately, Jake muller's gameplay style in the upcoming installment of the series. From the information that has been released so far, it is speculated that Jake Muller is a melee/close-quaters-combat based character. But how is capcom going to do the melee combat. In games like RE4, and RE5, the melee combat consisted of the combat knife, and the strange, quicktime even style finisher moves. I personally didn't find it fun, having to shoot an emeny in a specific spot, just to perform a melee move became annoying, considering the knife was very static and weak. And the fact that you also need to be extremley close to the enemy to perform them, and that the button prompt usually lasts for only a 2-4 seconds, made it even worse. And controlling Albert Wesker in RE5's mercenaries mode was lackluster at best, for playing as such a powerfull man, i felt so limited. The flustered button prompts were the exact same. For a melee character, i sure ended up using firearms about 90% of the time. I find the combat system un-attractive and aggrivating, in RE6, i would like to see a more fluid combat system, for example, the ability to kick and punch at will! Or is that too un-realistic for Capcom? What are your thoughts? please comment below.

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