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Technology in RE6

I would like to talk about something fishy that i noticed about RE6, and more specifically, the large, unidentified tyrant. Who created it? I have a small theory that it might have been Umbrella, even though the company is "dead". My proof that it might be Umbrella, is all in the creature itself. Take a look at the mechanical arm. and you'll notice that it is made entirely of metal, that has been grafted onto the creatures forearm. To do such a thing, (have metal particles and skin cells fuse without infection) you would need to completly re-program the skin cells' ACTG sequence, so that they bond with metal, hence the mechanical arm. But, the process is very complex, and takes a huge amount of funds to support. One of the only companies with the scientists or wealth to do such a thing would be Umbrella, but it could always just be other groups, like "The secret orginization", and such.

What theories do you have?

Do you think i am wrong?

Do you agree?

Any scientific explanations of your own?

Please tell me in the comments.

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