At first, it was exciting that you could get infinite ammo for any weapon in RE5, but being able to spray with reckless abandon makes the game boring eventually, and the temptation to use it is too great.

Another problem is that it completely undermines the weapon balance. Since you don't need to reload, clip capacity and reload speed are non-factors, and the AK-74 goes from being an average MG to the best MG in the game for sheer damage output.

How can Capcom improve upon infinite ammo in RE6? Here's my idea:

Instead of being able to get infinite ammo for individual guns, you get a pack of infinite bullets. This becomes available after you fully upgrade every gun of its type, e.g. fully upgrade every shotgun in the game and you receive a pack of infinite shotgun shells.

This way, you still need to reload, and the pack still takes up an inventory slot, and it would be a more challenging thing to unlock.


Edit: My other thought was that instead of infinite ammo, you just unlock the ability to buy ammo from the in-game store. Then it's "virtually" infinite, you just have a cap on how much you can get at a time.

yeyjordan 16:05, February 13, 2012 (UTC)

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