Many weapon pages on the RE Wiki lead in with too much real-world information, like the Škorpion_vz._61 article. Most readers here will be interested primarily in information from the games such as the guns' stats and costs, rather than its real-world history and combat specs. I believe that we, being the Resident Evil Wiki, should focus primarily on the guns as they relate to RE, with real-world info being only a footnote.

For an example, changes I would propose to Škorpion_vz._61:

  • Rename or move the article to VZ61, as this is its name in-game.
  • Take the real-world information from the intro and trivia sections and condense it into a single "In real life" section near the bottom.
  • Remove the weapon infobox entirely. In its place, include a more helpful RE5 stat table.
  • In prose, go into more specifics about how the gun plays e.g. its high critical rate and capacity.

I hope changes like these can be made without much conflict of interest, for a better RE Wiki!

yeyjordan 02:56, February 8, 2012 (UTC)

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