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  • Yippee9

    Okay so obviously there has been alot of death in RE which trust me no complaints here I love me some gore and action but I've been wondering for awhile who will be the first big death in this series?. Granted people felt it was big having wesker die but he was a main baddy, in the end he had to die eventually.

    But Ada has been around for quite awhile and is for sure a fan favorite but with how it looks in the trailer her time could be up. Chris wants her dead, Leon needs her to testifiy for him and Helena however. But quite frankly all the game would need to do is have an epilogue at the end saying "Due to testimonies from BSAA officials LeoS Kennedy and Helena Harper are free off all charges" blah blah blah. Now what you you guys thin…

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  • Yippee9

    New RE6 Trailer

    April 10, 2012 by Yippee9

    So like all of my fellow RE addicts we have seen the new trailer for RE6 that has answered a few questions. First of all the blonde many of us have been pondering since the first trailers release has been revealed as Miss Sherry Birkin. Her partner of sorts in Albert Weskers Son Jahhke Muller(catch name...not so much as albert wesker but maybe it will grow on us). Also it is revealed that the virus is called the C- Virus(so thats 37 million viruses now yay LOL jk) Now one thing that is making me kinda hate this game is the Antagonist in the trailer. Maybe my fanboy vision is blocking me from the sad truth but people seeem very sure its Ada Wong which i will probably go into a deepo depression if so. I mean Ada is devious but infecting …

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  • Yippee9

    So i was on the RE6 wiki page hot 40th time this month and only just remembered that screen shot of Helena and Leon falling somehow and that red image in the background and i am kinda wondering with a show of hands?(or comments if you prefer? lol) if anyone thinks Ada will pull the old "ohh hey leon im just here for a virus while your around by chance, sooooooooo hold my hand.....umm err i mean say "Ada Wait" for old times sake i mean Virus!???! Where??!?" Okay thats a bit of a extremely lame attempted at comedy but still does anyone miss Ada will stalk Mr leon again or not. i mean as far as canon appearences of leon having ada around she is 2 for 3(2 for 4 if you are like me and feel she is in no way gonna be in Damnation either) I ki…

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  • Yippee9

    Just wondering with the trailer being out for about a month now if people are annoyed that Leon seems to be favored while we seem to hear very little if anything about a majority of past playable characters and supporting characters. Or if you think leon being around alot Solidifies a kind of familiarity that is well received in video gamer circles

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