Okay so obviously there has been alot of death in RE which trust me no complaints here I love me some gore and action but I've been wondering for awhile who will be the first big death in this series?. Granted people felt it was big having wesker die but he was a main baddy, in the end he had to die eventually.

But Ada has been around for quite awhile and is for sure a fan favorite but with how it looks in the trailer her time could be up. Chris wants her dead, Leon needs her to testifiy for him and Helena however. But quite frankly all the game would need to do is have an epilogue at the end saying "Due to testimonies from BSAA officials LeoS Kennedy and Helena Harper are free off all charges" blah blah blah. Now what you you guys think, do you think this could be our last time seeing the "lady in red" or not?

I personally hope not cause Ada be my gurl!!!! ya know and hope that helicopter we see behind her in the trailer wisks her way to safety =D . But what do you think? Bonuse question: If a hero in the game could be killed who would you want gone!?

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