So i was on the RE6 wiki page hot 40th time this month and only just remembered that screen shot of Helena and Leon falling somehow and that red image in the background and i am kinda wondering with a show of hands?(or comments if you prefer? lol) if anyone thinks Ada will pull the old "ohh hey leon im just here for a virus while your around by chance, sooooooooo hold my hand.....umm err i mean say "Ada Wait" for old times sake i mean Virus!???! Where??!?" Okay thats a bit of a extremely lame attempted at comedy but still does anyone miss Ada will stalk Mr leon again or not. i mean as far as canon appearences of leon having ada around she is 2 for 3(2 for 4 if you are like me and feel she is in no way gonna be in Damnation either) I kinda hope she is because i'd just be cool. but what do you think Ada in RE6 or not??

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