So like all of my fellow RE addicts we have seen the new trailer for RE6 that has answered a few questions. First of all the blonde many of us have been pondering since the first trailers release has been revealed as Miss Sherry Birkin. Her partner of sorts in Albert Weskers Son Jahhke Muller(catch name...not so much as albert wesker but maybe it will grow on us). Also it is revealed that the virus is called the C- Virus(so thats 37 million viruses now yay LOL jk) Now one thing that is making me kinda hate this game is the Antagonist in the trailer. Maybe my fanboy vision is blocking me from the sad truth but people seeem very sure its Ada Wong which i will probably go into a deepo depression if so. I mean Ada is devious but infecting an entire BSAA team seems a bit of a jump from what she did in re4 which was kinda same leon multiple times (granted she did try to blow him up to but im sure she knew he'd make it cause he's leon). I dont know but to me this seems a bit of a 180 to take a character from fan favorite to main antagonist in the course of 2 games. Even if it ends up being ada i feel i shall pretend she is a clone or some alternate version and the reall ada is hanging out on a vacation island with all the other characters we don't hear much of anymore. So what do you guys thing Ada or not Ada and if you do think its her how do you feel about her being in the game? Are you like me and feeling bleak about her fate in the game? or do you think if its her that she'll find away out of danger? What your opinion? :D

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