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  • Zodiachelper

    Still just rumors?

    December 5, 2012 by Zodiachelper

    There have been rumors going around saying that RE6 maybe coming to the WiiU under the title Resident Evil: Final Hope? [1] Which will be a port of RE6 along wtih a scernio staring Claire. In other words it'll be similar to RE5: Gold Edition. Many fans hope this content make it to the original versions of RE6. I was just wondering if it's been confirmed as true or not some sites say "yes" and others say "no". I know this will make many fans happy. From what I've heard from people that played Leon's playthrough Helena has a similar personality to Claire. This upset many fans because they saw this as lazy on the writers part. Instead of developing an estblished character, they made a new one just to give her a tragic backstory for added shoc…

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  • Zodiachelper

    More RE6 News

    August 16, 2012 by Zodiachelper

    Possible Spoilers for RE6 enemies and bosses.


    Biohazard Marhawa Desire is going to be translated and released worldwide on Oct 5, 2012 ( 2 days after RE6 idk why?) End of second volume spoilers [[2]]

    Also is it true that new gameplay of Jake's campagin shows him talking to Sherry about Claire, her father, and what happened in Racoon City? If so please post a link :)

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  • Zodiachelper

    It's been established now that RE6 is a Resident Evil game made for RE fans. Also many fans familiar with the RE canon knows about Sherry. During the events of the Racoon City outbreak, Sherry acted as a little sister figure to fellow survivor Claire Redfield. Now in RE6 Sherry will be working along side Chris, Claire's older brother.

    As RE fans we know that the RE series is notorious for its poor character development or complete lack of it in terms of the side characters. I guess what I trying to say is given Capcom's history, will there be any dialogue btw the two reguarding Sherry's past with Claire? It would be stupid not to have any, or for Sherry not to recognize similarities btw the two. Sherry might recognize Chris' last name and a…

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  • Zodiachelper


    Both will be available seperately for the PS3 Move on PSN.


    Claire and Jill in RE 6? Producer Yoshiaki responds. Its too late to put them in the main story but, can someone say Resident Evil 6 Mercenaries Reunion much. I'd love to see Chris and Claire together again even if it's non-cannon like The Mecernaries 3D :)


    Possible Damnation Release, just hopefully it comes out before RE6!

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  • Zodiachelper

    All long time Resident Evil fans know that, Wesker infected himself with the Prototype virus during the Mansion Incident in '98. Though, Jake has the appearance of a man in his late 20s as opposed to being a teenager, suggested by the given time frame. Though this is obvious to everyone. But it might be possible that Wesker knew about Jake's existance and infected him with the virus, (in hopes that he would continue his legacy) but kept it a secret in fear that he might be captured by the BSAA one day. Could it be possible that he was lying when the Woman confronted him about his relation to Wesker. But then again who knows.

    Another thing I find hard to believe is that Wesker was able to some'what reject Excella's advances ( I know some ppl…

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