Cause I am. I don't care what the director says I'm playing it in this order: Chris, Jake, and then Leon-never liked Leon or his fanbase. Chris' story while seems more action-based can choose which path they can go down, Chris' suffers personal trama-as said in the Resident Evil manga, and loses his team early on. Plus his new partner Piers seems more skilled compared to everyone else and like Chris is a gifted marksman. Plus he's like a mini Chris in terms of appearance and personality; also, he seems to idolize Chris by calling him "Captain" instead of his name- I think that kind of cute ;)

Sherry has proven herself a capable character worthy of the RE universe and story. Now theres Jake Albert Wesker's son! I loved Wesker so I'll definantly play his story to find out more about him and where he came from.

Now there's Leon. I hated him after seeing his arrogant behavior in the worthless story known as Resident Evil 4, and his robotic behavior in RE Degeration. Plus he costantly trust and protecting that bitch Ada! All his partners (including a 12-year-old Sherry) have been useless. Helena seems different but seeing Leon's partner history have left a bad taste in my mouth. Even though Jessica from Revelations SPOILER ALERT!! was also a traitor she didn't come off as shady as Ada thats why it was sort of a shock. Leon's story seems more like a rubber band that brings all the other storties together anyway.

Though in all I'm still excited for Resident Evil 6!

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