There have been rumors going around saying that RE6 maybe coming to the WiiU under the title Resident Evil: Final Hope? [1] Which will be a port of RE6 along wtih a scernio staring Claire. In other words it'll be similar to RE5: Gold Edition. Many fans hope this content make it to the original versions of RE6. I was just wondering if it's been confirmed as true or not some sites say "yes" and others say "no". I know this will make many fans happy. From what I've heard from people that played Leon's playthrough Helena has a similar personality to Claire. This upset many fans because they saw this as lazy on the writers part. Instead of developing an estblished character, they made a new one just to give her a tragic backstory for added shock value. Idk why the developers decided to focus on dramatic-horror with this installment, it was quite annoying. Though I hope its true so it can please those fans.

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