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[notes 1] The Ustanak acts as a spiritual successor to the Nemesis-T Type in its tireless pursuit and use of weaponry that other B.O.W.s tend to lack. At times, Jake and Sherry are left with the only option of running from the creature that will use its muscle mass to destroy everything in its path to get to them. When the players are forced to face him in a stand-off, however, he will use a variety of attacks (presumably to change or alter based on scenarios and attachments). The Ustanak may also change its arm attachment mid-battle that will possibly change its attack patterns.[notes 2][1]

Attacks and Strategies

Attack Damage Description Strategy
Hand Switch Health Drain While holding a target in its claw, it will switch them to its other hand. Should the player be caught in this state, the player is prompted to shake the analog stick to break free from its grasp. The player can use Breakout to quicken this process.
Grab Unknown Simple grab with its hand This is a close-range attack, meaning it will only occur if the Ustanak is close enough to its target. Best strategy is to simple stay away from him so it does not occur. It is unknown if there is a way to escape, though a partner character can force the Ustanak to drop the player.
Snatch None Simple grab with its claw As the Ustanak will only attempt to grab you this way at close-range, the best course of action is to stay away from the Ustanak. He will attempt a variation of this move when further away, but it is much easier to deal with at a distance.
Extending Claw None Distant grab attack by extending its claw This is much easier to avoid than its close-range version, Snatch. The attack is highly orchestrated by the Ustanak rearing its claw back before extending it. It is easily avoidable by diving to either side or simply running away during its preparation.
Cage Deposit Health Drain The Ustanak places a victim in his claw into the cage upon its back. This will only occur with the claw attachment without needles, while the Ustanak has the cage. The player can escape the cage by performing the require button presses, though what happens otherwise is unknown at this time.
Shot Unknown The Ustanak aims and fires with its gun attachment. This ranged attack can only be performed while the Ustanak has its gun attachment equipped. Although the Ustanak must take stance before it fires, the window is smaller than some of his other moves. The best course of action is to simply dive in either direction as soon as possible.
Throw Unknown The Ustanak throws the target in his left hand away. This is only a danger if the player is in his grasp, so as long as a distance is kept, it is not a danger. Once grabbed, it is unknown currently how to escape.
Fist Smash 1-2 Bars Simple left-handed fist attack This attack only occurs in close-range and only with his left hand. Best course is to keep a distance. Circling clockwise around the Ustanak could avoid it, but could also lead to a Claw Backhand or even a Kick.
Backhand 1-2 Bars Backhanded strike with its attached weapon A close-range attack, the most advisable strategy is to keep a distance. Staying in-range but away from its claw could lead to a Fist Smash or Kick attack instead.
Overhead Smash 3-4 Bars Powerful overhead swing with its attached weapon Another close-range only attack, it is best to just keep a distance. If the player does stay close, the attack is heavily orchestrated and easy to spot, making it even easier to get away. This can be a devastating follow-up to a Kick however.
Kick 3-4 Bars, 5 sec. stun Simple yet powerful kick attack Like Fist Smash, this will only happen in close range. Due to this attack stunning the player long enough for the Ustanak to easily follow up with a kill, it is best advised to keep a distance so this attack never happens.
Battering Ram 4 Bars Powerful charging attack that can trample over targets. Like the Extending Claw, this move is highly advertised by the Ustanak as it crouches down and prepares to charge with its shoulder. The method of avoidance is the same, however the Ustanak can change its course and turn while charging so waiting to dive out of the way last minute is most effective.
Grenade Varied Attack with a three-grenade explosive from its pouch. When the Ustanak throws its grenade, it is very easy to avoid as it takes a few seconds before exploding. It has the power to instantly down a player if they are standing on top of it so moving away is, obviously, highly advisable.
Blood Drain 1 Bar (possible Death) Body-piercing attack with four hydraulic needles. After taken by Snatch or Extending Claw, the only way to escape without damage is for the a partner to damage the Ustanak. After the initial attack it will deal steady damage, but the player can spin/move the analog to escape. The Ustanak can eventually drain a player completely of health, killing them.
Crush Instant Death Torso-crushing squeeze with its claw. The only way to avoid this attack is to make sure to run away during a chase sequence. If the Ustanak catches up to the player, it is impossible to avoid or escape and will instantly kill the player.

General Strategies

Most of the its attacks are slow and predictable, making them easily avoidable. Players using Sherry will most likely want to keep a distance, which will cut its move arsenal in half (this negates his Fist Smash, Kick, Claw Backhand, Claw Smash and Snatch). The Grenade attack seems to be rare enough to not have to worry about and both the Battering Ram and Extending Claw are orchestrated by its stance, making them predictable and easy to avoid by simply diving to the side (diving to the player's right is usually most effective).

Jake's unique hand-to-hand abilities seem to be highly effective against the Ustanak. If the player learns to predict its array of close-range attacks and effectively dodge, the Ustanak could be made short work of. Each hit of Jake's two extended combos staggers the Ustanak briefly and can interrupt any attack of his. Aside from Jake's hand-to-hand, the Ustanak is stalled by shots from high-caliber weapons such as the Elephant Killer or explosions from nearby barrels, grenades, and remote bombs. However, flash grenades have no effect.

The main concern for players would be to make sure not to get stuck on walls or trapped in corners. It is also wise to keep an eye open for other surrounding enemies that can make life difficult, although it is just as likely they will fall victim to getting in the path of destruction. At times, the Ustanak seems to be extremely fast, making it difficult to keep distance though it is likely that waiting for the opening is more important than risking being damaged by its devastating close-range attacks.


  1. All in-game information so far is based upon demo gameplay. Demo gameplay is always subject to possible change.
  2. These names are unofficial and simply descriptive substitutes.
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