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Further notes

VECTOR is described as the "Recon" Class.

"Vector's file remains largely confidential, his true identity hidden. Training at Rockfort Island he developed his lethal martial art ability and elite skill for reconnaissance. As a covert operative, his achievements in-the-field are only matched by his former master, HUNK."

VECTOR's brutal kills will have him deliver a kick to the back of a targeted enemy's leg and then proceeds to slit their throat. If done on a Spec Ops soldier, VECTOR will then mimic them. His ability gauge will not empty unless he actually mimics an enemy soldier.

His defaultly selected weapon in the character select menu is the Submachine Gun and the weapon he uses while as an AI will be the Tactical SMG.

When reviving a dead teammate he will say "Come on, you're good now, stay alert".

His alternate color in the USS Wolfpack Uniforms DLC is a red mask and blue uniform.


Ability Description Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Passive Abilities
Stealth Run
Stealth Run
Increases your movement speed by [x]% and reduces the sound of your footsteps allowing you to sprint without being detected on enemy mini-maps. 5%
[750 XP]
[2000 XP]
[5000 XP]
Detection Avoidance
Detection Avoidance
Allows you to avoid being detected on enemy mini-maps while moving at less than [x]% of your maximum speed. 50%
[750 XP]
[2000 XP]
[5000 XP]
Active Abilities
Motion Detector
Motion Detector
(ability button) throws a Motion Detector towards the reticle that sticks onto any surface and displays enemies on the mini-map within [15] meters. Enemy soldiers that trigger the Motion Detector are stunned. (aiming stick) deactivates a Motion Detector. Ammo: [x] Ammo: 1
[750 XP]
Ammo: 2
[2000 XP]
Ammo: 3
[5000 XP]
(ability button) can be used after an eligible target has been indicated by the reticle to transform you into them. Mimicry lasts for [x] seconds and restores after [20] seconds. 30 seconds; 33%
[750 XP]
60 seconds; 50%
[2000 XP]
90 seconds; 67%
[5000 XP]
Active Camuflage
Active Camouflage
(ability button) cloaks you to infiltrate and eliminate enemies without being detected. Some B.O.W.s can still sense your presence, so be careful. Active Camouflage lasts for [x] seconds and replenishes after [45] seconds. 10 seconds
[1250 XP]
15 seconds
[2500 XP]
20 seconds
[5500 XP]

With Detection Avoidance level 3, sprinting will still cause you to appear unless you also have the Stealth Run ability.

VECTOR's Active Camouflage cloak will begin to distort when firing weapons or taking damage.


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