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Verdugo is a boss fought in the sewers in Chapter 4-1 of Resident Evil 4. Verdugo has a health value of 20,000HP,[1] making it one of the more robust enemies in the game. Killing the creature without knowing its weaknesses will require a large amount of ammunition and healing items. Fortunately, the player has the freedom to escape down an elevator without having to beat Verdugo, helping them save ammunition. If the player does not kill it, it never re-appears and Ramon Salazar will be left with only one bodyguard. If the player does kill it, they will be rewarded with the crown jewel. In the HD re-releases, they will also be given the "A Terrifying Assassin" award.


Verdugo can perform five unique attacks in this game, the last three of which can be avoided.

Attack Image Damage Description
Claw attack (ツメ攻撃 Tsume kōgeki?) 650 Verdugo slashes Leon with its claws when he is pressed against a wall.
Claw attack (when frozen) (ツメ攻撃(凍結時) Tsume kōgeki (tōketsu-ji)?) 300 Verdugo brings up enough strength to strike Leon while frozen.
Jump claw attack (跳びツメ攻撃 Tobi tsume kōgeki?) 650 Verdugo jumps into the air and slashes Leon on landing. This can be avoided with the action button.
Tail attack (シッポ攻撃 Shippo kōgeki?) 650x4 Verdugo throws its tail at Leon four times. These can be avoided with the action button.
Surprise attack (奇襲攻撃 Kishū kōgeki?) Verdugo - Surprise attack 1Verdugo - Surprise attack 2 650 Verdugo stabs its tail through grates in the floor and ceiling. This can be avoided with the action button.

Strategies Edit

Before the battle starts, Verdugo will stalk the player as they go to the power room. It will either attack from above or below and the player must dodge via quick time event. Verdugo will reveal itself after the power is restored and the player attempts to leave the room. The shutter will activate and the player will be stuck in the room for a set amount of time. After the shutter opens, the player will then need to wait for the elevator if they wish to escape (the shutter and elevator open and arrive instantly if the player defeats Verdugo that fast so they don't have to wait).

During the battle, the player can knock over the red liquid nitrogen canisters scattered about the area to freeze the creature and render it temporarily vulnerable for a few seconds. The player can kick Verdugo via action command when it is initially frozen. After a varied amount of time, the Verdugo will break out of its nitrogen casing and return to normal again. While frozen, it receives tripled damage and a direct hit from a Rocket Launcher will be an instant kill. It is advised that the player saves the Rocket Launcher found in the glass weapon cabinet in the gallery in Chapter 3-3 for this fight.



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