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Very Hard Mode is an unlockable game mode in Resident Evil Outbreak and Resident Evil Outbreak File 2. As given by its title it's much harder than the other game modes and can often include differences to the levels; A prime example is during the level Outbreak in which Bob becomes a zombie and will attack Mark instead of committing suicide. This scene is required to see in order to obtain a 100% Checklist.

Very Hard Mode is also available in Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6.

Resident Evil Outbreak and File #2Edit

In Resident Evil Outbreak and Outbreak Fie #2, it's called Very Hard. It's unlocked in both titles by completing all five main scenarios in Hard mode.

  • Items are very scarce, and most of them will be replaced by key items.
  • Enemies are at their strongest, requiring the player to unload most of their ammunition into them. There is a high chance that the player will run out of ammunition and must use melee weapons instead.
  • Puzzles are harder to figure and require backtracking in a few occasions.
  • Sometimes, playing Very Hard is needed in order to obtain extra event checklist points and special items.
  • In File #2, combining both Very Hard difficulty and special Nightmare mode will prove much more of a challenge, because almost every enemy will lead the player to crawl to the ground in just one attack, at best.

Resident Evil 5Edit

In Resident Evil 5, called Professional. This is the hardest difficulty in the game. Unlocked by completing all the chapters on Veteran. Applied game changes:

  • Player has the least amount of time to perform a QTE compared to the other difficulties.
  • Most non-ranged enemy attacks send player to dying status in a single hit regardless of armor worn.
  • Enemies have even more health and recover from knockdowns almost instantly.
  • Most pregenerated ammo and herb pickups are removed.
  • When in Dying state, the player's health gauge will decrease much faster than on other difficulties. Partner has mere 3 seconds to help wounded player.
  • Enemies no longer drop herbs as loot, but gold and ammo drops are doubled in quantity.

Resident Evil 6Edit

In Resident Evil 6, called Professional. Unlocked from the start. Applied game changes are:

  • Enemies deal high damage, though not higher than No Hope difficulty. Players will lose at least 2 health blocks. Players can also enter dying state when enemies attack with a follow-up attack.
  • Enemies are persistent and are harder to kill. They also get up quickly after being knocked down.
  • There's a chance that the player will empty all of their ammo and must use Melee attacks instead.

No HopeEdit

The hardest difficulty in Resident Evil 6 is called No Hope, which is unlocked by downloading the DLC update that became available in December of 2012. Applied game changes are:

  • Enemies deal the highest damage. Players will lose at least 3 health blocks. Players can also enter dying state when enemies attack with a follow-up attack.
  • Skills cannot be used.
  • Enemies are far more persistent than that in Professional mode, requiring the player to unload most of the clips from a basic weapon such as Handguns as well as enemies getting up immediately after being knocked down.
  • Ranged enemies have far more better accuracy, usually shooting its victim without missing unless the player takes cover or dodges the shots.
  • When continuing after the "You Are Dead" screen, player's health will not be replenished. (for example, you reached a checkpoint while you have 2 blocks of health, the next time the player continues from the "You Are Dead" screen, player's health will stays at 2 blocks, instead of being fully replenished.)
  • Skill Points that appear are worth double.
  • Since enemies are far more persistent, players who are too dependent on weapons can end up burning through their inventory and use melee instead.

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