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Victory Lake was a district in Raccoon City located in the outskirts. The Raccoon Forest extended into this district.


During the t-virus outbreak in the Arklay Mountains, Victory Lake was the centre of the "cannibal killings".[1] Police Chief Brian Irons theorized the killer(s) to be based somewhere in this district.[2] Priscilla and Becky McGee were the first victims of these killings, having left a family picnic in Victory Park and subsequently eviscerated, alive.[3]

The mutilated corpses of Deanne Rusch and Christopher Smith were discovered on the lake's shoreline. The attackers were described only as mysterious monsters that had been witnessed in the area several days earlier.[citation needed]

When the Spencer Estate was destroyed by S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team, residents around the lake were awoken at 2 AM.[4]


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