video arcade (ゲームセンター Gēmusentā?) is part of the Entrepôt "Amusement Club", an arcade in Sheena Island's shopping district.[1]


The place contains various arcade games all around the place. Multiple papers and posters can be see scattered around the ground and on the wall.


When entering the arcade, a cutscene will play where two zombies are killed by an unseen force. This is thereafter revealed to be an Under Taker.

The player cannot return to Shopping Street B once entering this area.


Location Localization Original script
The door back to Shopping Street B There's no need to go back.
The white board "Umbrella employees, please pay with your ID card."
The games under the "HARD DRIVE" sign This appears to be a driving game.
The games under the "SHOOTING GAMES" sign This appears to be a shooting game.
The door to the Break Room before picking up the Arcade Key (Locked SFX) It's locked.




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