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Below is a list of references to the Capcom games made in Paul W.S. Anderson's series of live-action films.

Films Edit

Resident Evil Edit

-Spencer (Alice's husband) is named as such to make the mansion the "Spencer mansion" from re1

Resident Evil: Apocalypse Edit

-The helicopter used to fly U.B.C.S. mercenary Carlos Olivera above Raccoon City is referred to as "Chopper Delta". A UBCS helicopter of the same designation appears at the beginning of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

-Alice running from chopper and getting ambushed resembles Claire in the opening from re:cv

-Nemesis from re3

-Lickers from re2

-Jill outfit resemble jill outfit from re3

-Carlos outfit resemble carlos outfit from re3

Resident Evil: Extinction Edit

tyrant from re1

Resident Evil: Afterlife Edit

-The Zombies in this film have mutated to have a second, retractable mouth, giving them the appearance of Majini in Resident Evil 5.

-Wesker Outfit resemble wesker outfit from re5

-Chris outfit resemble chris outfit from re5

-Axeman from re5

-Claire and Chris fight against wesker resemble Chris and Shiva fight against wesker in re5

Resident Evil: Retribution Edit

-Ada and Alice fight resembles Leon and Ada fight from re4

-Jill outfit resemble jill outfit from re5

-Leon outfit and jacket resembles Leon outfit from re4

-Axeman from re5

Sources Edit

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