The Arms merchant's hideout (武器商人の隠れ家 Buki shōnin no kakurega?)[1] is a cave along Del Lago lake in Resident Evil 4. It is only accessible Via the boat. The Merchant has set up shop in this location, in a shack. There is also a bunch of boxes that can be moved around to gain access to the shack roof, which holds a couple of items, and even a way behind the shack counter that the merchant is standing behind.


The cave was occupied by a merchant who had dozens of weapons unknowning how did he get it. There are also multiple crates, boxes  and a torchlight which contains spinel.



Location Action Localization Original script
The supplied to the right of the Merchant CHECK Where'd he get all this artillery?
The supplies to the left of the Merchant CHECK Quite a collection he's got here.




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