The besieged hut (篭城小屋 ?)[1] is an area of the village in Resident Evil 4. Leon and Ashley were cornered by a crowd of ganados forcing them to take refuge inside a cabin where they meet Luis Sera again.


The hut has two floors, in the first floor there are three windows where Ganados will come from, and beside each window there are cabinets the player can push to prevent the Ganados from getting in the house.

There is a Red herb in front of Leon as soon as the cutscene ends, shotgun shells on his left on top of a table and a yellow herb sitting next to the door that is locked.

In the second floor there other three windows, after the player kills a certain amount of enemies, the Ganados will start placing ladders on those windows so they can reach Leon and Luis, there's a dresser on one of the corners and Ashley's hiding in it. There is a Flash Grenade on a table in front of the dresser, and a green herb next to it. At the other corner there is a Hand Grenade.

Outside of the hut there is TMP ammo and Handgun ammo on top of logs, there is also a Merchant and a small cabin with a Typewriter and a file inside. The file explains the road ahead, there is a lever behind the Merchant, one can turn it right or left, the right one opens the path to the Road below the cliff and the left one leads to the Barrier. Both places lead to the same location, but each has different enemies Leon must face to proceed.


After Ingrid Hannigan calls Leon to tell him the Helicoper that was supposed to rescue them was shot down, Leon and Ashley were surprised by a horde of Ganados, seeing a hut ahead, the two enter it to avoid danger. Luis Sera is inside of it and decides to help Leon.

After some time, the crowd of Ganados decide to retreat and Luis leaves the hut in a very suspicious way. Leon and Ashely continue their journey and must choose their next path, a road with an El Gigante waiting for them, or a camp full of Ganados.

In Separate Ways, just after the above, Luis ends up encountering Ada Wong, and explained his sudden departure was so he could get the sample. He also is suspicious of her organization, but nonetheless complies with retrieving it for her, although only under the condition that Ada "kill the old man and his religious followers."


Location Action Localization Original script
The door during the fight OPEN I can't leave Ashely behind
The dresser during the fight CHECK Ashley's hiding in here.
Either of the lowered gates while they're both down CHECK We should be able to get out of the village through here...




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