The Cave (洞窟 Dōkutsu?)[1] is an area of the village.



This room requires a key to enter, the Insignia Key and is an area that Leon S. Kennedy goes through two times, on his way to save Ashley Graham and on after he rescues her to go through the Village centre to try to escape. It leads him from the centre to the church that Ashley is located in. The first time Leon goes through here there are lanterns he can shoot to drop a spinel and after he climbs down a ladder shooting another lantern reveals spinels in the roof and an Elegant headdress.

On his way back with Ashley, the Merchant will sell you new weapons including a Red9. You are also most likely to get the Punisher here if you have been shooting the Blue Medallions in the farm and graveyard.


Separate Ways

Location Action Localization Original script
The door to the village centre OPEN I have to get to the church. There's no time to go back now.




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