The deserted village (廃村 Haison?)[1] is an area of the village. It is a second section of houses in the rural area, having been abandoned some time before Leon's arrival as evident by the degraded structures. It was in one of these houses that Luis Sera was locked up in. During Leon's initial trip down the valley toward the deserted village, a team of Ganado pushed a boulder downhill in the hopes of crushing Leon. Leon manage to dodge the boulder, and progress his search for Ashley.


Unlike the village centre, this area of housing is deserted. A tunnel crawling with bats leads to this village along with a warning sign at the front. There are two buildings, one with a broken glass and nail doors while the other is with broken roof.


Main game

This village is rigged with explosive trip wires and traps which had been prepared by the villagers for any intruders.

Separate Ways

Ada will face many of villagers here, though she cannot enter the small house where Leon originally met Luis Sera in the main game. She can head straight to the small shack in the middle, where a cutscene will played showing that both Leon and Luis being carried away by dozen of ganados.


Main game

Location Action Localization Original script
The signpost CHECK I've seen this signpost before.
The second post CHECK Again. The same signpost.
The door of the smaller house CHECK The door's nailed shut.
The old cabinet CHECK No clues here.
The door while the lock is on it OPEN (Leon kicks the door)
Bookshelf CHECK A bunch of old books.
The dresser with something inside CHECK (Triggers the scene where Leon meets Luis)

Separate Ways

Location Action Localization Original script
The signpost CHECK What a disturbing signpost.
The second post CHECK Not again... Whoever designed this place has a seriously bizarre sense of style.
The bookshelf in the small cabin CHECK The books show extreme age. I'd love to stand here and browse through them, but I don't have time.
The door of the large cabin before the cutscene OPEN It won't open. The door's locked. That man should be just beyond here.




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