The Factory ruins (工場跡 kōjō ato?),[1] is an area of the village. Multiple Villagers will attack Leon here.


The area goes through multiple rooms of a ruined building, each having a different layout. Two chimneys with opennable doors lay in one of the rooms, along with bear traps and sand bags. The Elegant Mask can be found here, along with a pool of water inhabited by Black Bass.


The area starts outside the factory, with three barrels each having a chance of dropping pesetas. Going inside there is a mostly empty room with a barrel in the far left corner. The Elegant Mask is visible, but not yet accessible. The next room houses four enemies with varying weapons, as well as a partially destroyed wall which can be jumped over.

A set of two windows is found, which can either be destroyed and jumped over or jumped through. Four enemies will be standing behind a row of sandbags, two immediately lighting sticks of dynamite. These enemies will duck under the sandbags after throwing it to avoid taking damage. The player can either shoot the dynamite to kill all the enemies or crouch behind the dumpster to avoid taking damage. The latter will allow the melee weapon wielding Villagers to advance. There are three sets of bear traps throughout this room, as well as two chimneys which open to reveal Handgun ammo and a Spinel. Two barrels are also present towards the back. Depending on how long the player takes, two more Villagers may enter the room via the door.

Going through the door, the player can knife the boarded window to receive the Elegant Mask. There will be a narrow passage which leads to the last chamber, where the last villager is standing. The player can jump down into a pool of water to find many Black Bass swimming around, which can easily be knifed. Throwing a Hand Grenade will also kill all of the bass. There are a few more items in the pool, then the player can proceed back up to the Village chief's house.


Location Action Localization Original'Script
The two chimneys while they're closed OPEN (view of door opening)




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