The footpath to the village (村への小道 Mura e no komichi?) is the starting area in Resident Evil 4, and part of the village map.


This is a location in rural Europe that the President's daughter was said be have been seen. The area is mostly a dirt road and a wood bridge with cabins along the path that leads to a lightly populated village. There was also a two-story cabin where one of the ganados lived. On the first floor was a basic dining area with a rotted food pasted to the table and a fireplace, alongside shelves with small objects. It is implied that the fireplace was used to cremate some body parts, as one of the objects in the fireplace resembled a skeletal hand. In addition a cupboard underneath the stairs also had several decapitated skulls as well as at least one skeletal hand that were recent enough to already be undergoing decomposition by the time Leon arrived at the area (maggots can be seen crawling all over them).

There was also a shack near the village square that featured the corpse of a female villager (presumably one who wasn't a Ganado) impaled in the face with a pitchfork against the wall.


The three crows nearby can be shot at and will drop a spinel and boxes of money. On the left side of the nearby house is a crate which contains a randomized item. Walking into the house and around the corner will trigger a cutscene where Leon is attacked by a villager. After defeating him another cutscene will start where the truck initially blocking off the path down-valley will start up and crash into the police van and Hannigan will call Leon. Three ganados will appear just outside of the house. A box of ten Handgun rounds can be found upstairs. The front door will be blocked. The player can jump out of the upstairs window or smash the bottom floor window and hop out of there. A shed nearby contains a typewriter to save on. Also inside is another box of Handgun Ammo, a Green Herb, a chest of 1000₧ and a randomized item.

In the next area you will find a number of booby traps. Of the two crows at the front, on of them will drop a Hand Grenade. A Wolf can be found stuck in a bear trap that be freed. After these, you must avoid three bear traps. To the right of the path is a Red Herb. Continuing down the path you will have to navigate past another bear trap and two tripwires. Another villager will try to stop you from continuing further.

Up ahead there will be another shed - this one contains a 1000₧ chest; a green herb and a randomized item. Two more ganados will be nearby on your side of the bridge. Cross the bridge and go up-hill. Inside the final shed is a final ganado. You can claim a box of ten Handgun Ammo and two more randomized items. The door at the end of the area leads to the Village center.

Extra scenes

  • Attempting to walk back to the bridge behind the starting area will bring up a message from Leon and the player can't walk any further. While the passenger says "Not over there, idiot" (そっちじゃねぇ   バカ Sotchi jane~e   baka?) in the original script, he is localized as saying "Not that way, cowboy."
  • Aiming a gun at the police officers and attempting to shoot will result in Leon not firing and the police will tell Leon to get on with his investigation.


Main Game

Location Action Localization Original script
The Police in the car. TALK (cutscene of the officer talking to Leon)
Guidepost in front of the player and post near the wolf. CHECK "The guidepost reads 'Pueblo'." Kono-saki”-mura Chūō" (この先”村 中央"?)
Truck outside first house. CHECK "This old truck's blocking the trail. Maybe it belongs to one of villagers around here."
Wooden boxes CHECK "It's a wooden box. Looks like it can be broken." Kibako ga aru
Shelf near front door of first house. CHECK "There are various small items on the shelf. Nothing particularly unusual here."
Table in first house. CHECK "Something rotten is caked on the table. It seems like someone was eating here until just recently."
Fireplace in first house. CHECK (zoom in) "Something is burning in the fire. But I can't tell what it is..." Nanidarou…-kotsu… ka? (何だろう…骨…か??)
Bookshelf in the first house. CHECK "There are some old books here. Though none of them are written in English."
Skulls under the staircase in the first house. CHECK (zoom in) "Looks like they've killed a lot of people. I hope Ashley's okay." Nan-ri mo koroshite ya garu
Ashurī wa buji ka?
Body of the first Ganado. CHECK (zoom in) "He's not a zombie..." Zonbi janai no ka? (ゾンビじゃないのか??)
Attempting to open the door while the Ganado are ambushing Leon. OPEN "It won't budge! They must be pressing against it from the other side."
The cliff after the car crash. LOOK DOWN (cutscene of Leon looking down the cliff)
Same cliff after viewing the cutscene. LOOK DOWN (zoom in) "Where are the officers? I hope they got out in time."
Checking the bridge after it falls. CHECK "The bridge is out. I can't go back this way."
Strange post with skulls. CHECK "It looks like a warning of some sort. I have a bad feeling about this. " Nanika no hyōshiki ka? Fukitsuba kanjigasuru (何かの標識か?
Wolf stuck in bear trap. HELP (cutscene of Leon helping the Wolf)
Corpse in shack. CHECK "Guess there's no sex discrimination here. Better find her fast!" On'na mo yōshanashi ka... Hayaku ashurī o mitsukeneba! (女も容赦なしか...早くアシュリーを見つけねば!?)