The lake ( Mizūmi?)[1] is an area of the village. The next following area after the lake is the waterfall.


It is a relatively medium-sized water compound located just outside the swamp. It is consisted out of three cabins and a Merchant's hideout.


When the player goes up a hill, a cutscene will trigger showing don Diego and don Esteban discarding a dead police officer by throwing him from the boat into the water, and letting him to get eaten by Del Lago. Leon witnessed through his binoculars.

When entering the area, on the right main way when going down the hill, there is a tree with a Gold Bangle with Pearls. On the right, there is the first wooden cabin which contains one crate with Yellow Herb and a box of 10 9x19mm rounds. Going forward is the second cabin, where Green Herb and barrel can be found. Shooting at the lake several times causes Leon to be eaten by Del Lago if the monster is still alive.

When player defeats the monster, Leon collapses in a cabin at the other shore, Hannigan calls him and says it's been 6 hours since their last transmission, and so, Leon continues with his mission. If player backtracks to the initial shore, a wolfpack of four Colmillos will show up. A Hideout of the arms merchant is also in the cave of the lake.


Location Action Localization Original script
The bed CHECK Man it's dirty.
The shelf and shelf CHECK Nothing unusual here.
The sign CHECK Waterfall→




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