The village center (村中央 Muranaka hisashi?) is the central area in the village. It will be visited three times in the main game and is the starting location for Ada in Separate Ways.


This is a village where its people have been infected by the Las Plagas, which they considered to be more hostile than normal. There are multiple houses can be seen here along with a watchtower and couple of huts. A dirty well can be seen here, along with crates and boxes.


Main game

Upon entering the area for the first time Hunnigan will call Leon and give him the Playing Manual 2. Walking halfway up the path will give Leon the option to spy on the villagers up ahead with his binoculars.

Inevitably, you will have to deal with the villagers. Once they begin their attack, you will be unable to escape the loading zone until the battle has ended.[1][excerpt 1]

After defeating a handful of them, a cutscene will play where more attack. After defeating so many, another cutscene will play where the church bell rings and they all retreat. Afterwards Hunnigan will call Leon again and the player can continue to the Farm.

Separate Ways


After player had enter the Village center for the first time:

Hunnigan: Leon. How ya holding up?
Leon: Bad question Hunnigan.
Hunnigan: Sorry to hear that... I'm sending you a playing manual. Hope you find it useful.
Leon: I'll take a look at it. Thanks.

After the church bell, thus distracting all the villagers:

Leon: I have some bad news. I've confirmed the body of an officer. Something happened to the people here.
Hunnigan: Leon you need to get out there. Look for a tower. Follow the trail near it.
Leon: Got it.

Further Notes

  • A second Chainsaw Man can be fought the first time visiting this area. If Leon walks up the path leading to the Farm, a Chainsaw Man and two villagers will be standing there. He will drop 10000 ₧ when killed, but will despawn if not killed before entering the large house and starting the cutscene.
  • It is possible to see Leon being chased around by a group of villagers in Chapter 1 of Separate Ways.


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