Virus Gauge

The Virus Gauge was a system used in Resident Evil Outbreak and Resident Evil Outbreak File #2. This was introduced into the outbreak series so that it limits the amount of time a player can spend in a single scenario.


The Virus Gauge works by percentage. Whenever a player is attacked by a creature infected with the t-Virus, goes into a room filled with poisonous gas/smoke, or is crawling, the virus gauge increases and the player loses time to spend in a scenario because if the gauge fills to 100%, the player dies. Once the gauge reaches 50%, it turns green and shows lots of T-cells invading, indicating that the player must hurry up. It shows as a circular gauge showing T-cells multiplying inside the body of the host. When it reaches 80%, it turns yellow, and shows even more T-cells. After hitting 90%, it turns red, showing lots of T-cells, and it remains like that even after the gauge reaches 100%. The virus gauge cannot be reduced to 0 (Unless the player uses Daylight), but can be halted for a limited time by using the herbs, recovery medicines, antidotes, hemostats, first aid sprays and anti-viruses.

All 8 survivors have different gauge speeds, with Jim Chapman having the fastest and Yoko Suzuki having the slowest. As for Jim Chapman, he has an ability to play dead, but once he falls to the ground, his virus gauge speeds up unless he stands back up again.

Only the player's viral infection is shown by percentages. Any partner (if present in the scenario) has their own viral infection tracked by a colored dot next to their name that changes throughout; this is most visible in particularly long scenarios such as "Decisions, Decisions" or "End of the Road." Just like the player's gauge, the viral condition starts at blue and ends at red.