ORC backstory
(Operation Raccoon City's backstory)

"I can see ... everything!"

Vladimir Bodrovski, codenamed "SPECTRE", was a member of the Umbrella Security Service renowned for his great sharpshooting ability. SPECTRE also has a goggle-like device that can be used in many ways like looking through walls and thermal imaging.


Previously with the former Soviet Union’s security services, SPECTRE was well suited to his role as an intelligence technician where his lack of any standout physical or social characteristics helped him to remain virtually invisible in any situation.

His work brought him into contact with the seedier side of life, something he soon discovered he had an affinity for. He exploited his underworld network for his own gain, namely blackmail, which eventually brought him into conflict with the authorities. As a result, SPECTRE had to flee Russia with investigators and authorities on his heels every step of the way.

He found a home with the U.S.S., and his surveillance skills have regularly ensured that the corporation stays well informed and that the Wolfpack keeps the upper hand in combat situations.

Raccoon CityEdit

He, along with the rest of the Wolfpack were sent in to eradicate any damning evidence that would link Umbrella to the T-Virus outbreak and silence any potential witnesses to their operation.


Spectre is described as the "Surveillance" class.

"A veteran of the Cold War, former spy, Vladimir 'Spectre' Bodrovski was moved from Umbrella's European wing for unknown reasons. The premier surveillance expert of the U.S.S., he was transferred to Wolfpack when the upper echelon of Umbrella management realized his skills could greatly benefit them."

Spectre's brutal kill involves him performing a stab and then a kick that causes a flash like a Stun Grenade to emit. This has the same effect as if one actually went off.

His defaulty selected primary weapon in the character select menu is the Assault Rifle and the weapon he uses while as an AI will be the Militia Rifle.

When reviving a dead teammate he will say "Looks like I'll have to keep a closer eye on you".

His alternate color in the USS Wolfpack Uniforms DLC is a green tinted uniform.


Ability Description Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Passive Abilities
Proximity Detection
Proximity Detection
Increases the size of the mini-map on your HUD and automatically reveals enemies within [x] meters. Enemy types are identified by corresponding markers. You are also notified any time you are targeted by an enemy. 10 meters
[750 XP]
15 meters
[2000 XP]
20 meters
[5000 XP]
Item Detection
Item Detection
Allows you to see all items pick-ups with [x] meters on your mini-map. Item locations are also clearly identified on your HUD. 10 meters
[1250 XP]
15 meters
[3000 XP]
20 meters
[6000 XP]
Active Abilities
Threat Scanner
Threat Scanner
(ability button) allows you to scan [x] meters around you for enemy targets. Any enemies identified by Threat Scanner are automatically relayed to your mini-map as well as your teammates'. Threat Scanner lasts for [15] seconds and replenishes after [25] seconds. 20 meters
[750 XP]
40 meters
[2000 XP]
60 meters
[5000 XP]
Biothermal Vision
Biothermal Vision
Allows you to clearly see soldiers and other living targets [x] meters away for [x] seconds. The health of targets can be distinguished by their color markings. (ability button) activates and deactivates Biothermal Vision. The ability restores after [2] seconds. 20 meters, 10 seconds
[750 XP]
40 meters, 15 seconds
[2000 XP]
60 meters, 20 seconds
[5000 XP]
Sonar Vision
Sonar Vision
Emits a sonar pulse that allows you to see and target spot enemies and allies through walls and other objects [x] meters away. (ability button) deactivates Sonar Vision. Lasts for [x] seconds and replenishes after [10] seconds. 20 meters, 10 seconds
[1000 XP]
40 meters, 12.5 seconds
[2500 XP]
60 meters, 15 seconds
[5500 XP]

Proximity DetectionEdit

Enemy types are identified by corresponding symbols.

Zombies / Crimson Heads Orange circles
Human Soldiers / Spec Ops Red triangles w/ top point as direction faced
Lickers Orange Licker heads
Hunters Orange circles w/ triangles as claws
Parasites / Parasite Zombies Orange Parasites
Tyrants Orange Tyrant heads
Nemesis Orange Nemesis head

Item DetectionEdit

Intel White exclamation mark inside grey circle
Laptop Grey laptop
Green Herb Green leaf
First Aid Spray Green cylinder w/ green rays emitting from it
Antiviral Spray Purple cylinder w/ purple biohazard sign behind it
Frag Grenade Grenade w/ green spikes
Incendiary Grenade Grenade w/ red and orange flames
Stun Grenade Grenade w/ blue and white circles
Ammo Piles / Refill Box 3 bullets on top of a white line
Ammo Crate (Unlimited) 5 bullets within a grey rectangle
Weapon Crate Assault rifle inside a case


Basically, SPECTRE serves as the 'eyes and ears' of the group. He assesses the surroundings and notifies the group if there are enemies, or items, within his jurisdiction. This allows his allies, as well as the player, the upper hand when items are running low, or if escaping from a zombie horde. His sonar vision also lets him surprise opponents, which at first feel they are safe within confined spaces.

Further NotesEdit

  • Bodrovski's codename, "SPECTRE", is a reference to a character in the games SOCOM: 1,2,3 and Combined Assault, a series of games Slant-Six worked on previously.
    • Also the Russian word "Spectre"(Спектр) means "Spectrum", fitting with his surveillance duties.
  • When SPECTRE seems to evidently speak slowly, the subtitles also show this. This reflects that English is not his first language.
  • SPECTRE appears to have indulged in some cannibalism in the past to survive. If brought to the second mission and one player observes the first horde of zombies devouring another zombie long enough to comment about it (usually a bit disgusted at the scene), he will then comment: "Try surviving the Soviet winter and maybe you won't be so quick to judge".



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