Further notes

The Vulcan Blubber is very vulnerable to headshots and can be defeated quickly with a rifle or Magnum. It is not recommended to fire at its body as the player can expend a lot of ammunition before it falls.

Moveset Edit

Attack Damage Description
Swing (振りまわし) 280 (Fall damage)
Tackle (タックル) 250 (Fall damage)
Cannon strike, catch fire (砲擊 炎上) 400, 200, 90

The mortars it fires can inflict serious damage very quickly and have a large explosive radius so it is advised to sprint away from the fireballs, rather than evading them. The Vulcan Blubber will pursue the player and attempt to smash them with its torch if they are knocked down, move away quickly if this happens.

Strategy Edit

Vulcan Blubbers are immune to stealth attacks and it is not advised to melee them. This is one of the few enemies to not be easily staggered by Anonymous' Samurai sword ability in raid mode.