In the BIOHAZARD CODE: Veronica Kanzenban Kaitai Shinsho walkthrough guide, "Scenario 1" refers to the first part of gameplay in Resident Evil CODE: Veronica, ranging from Claire Redfield's escape from her cell, to her arrival at the official residence.




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The starting point of the game is the Prisoner management office (囚人管理室). A Green Herb is in Claire's prison cell, while a Combat Knife can be found on the desk next to Rodrigo Juan Raval. A box of Handgun bullets can be found against the overturned stool at the end of the room. Move on into the next room, the Prisoner management office corridor (囚人管理室通路). More Handgun bullets can be found here, along with ink ribbons, which is next to a Typewriter. Head upstairs.

Reaching the top, you will find your way in a cemetery (墓場). A vehicle will catch fire, preventing you from reaching a briefcase that its dead driver was carrying; you will have to leave it for now. A cutscene will begin whereby recently deceased prisoners reach up from the ground to attack Claire as zombies. Do your best to zig-zag past them and leave the room for the Guardtower plaza (守衛塔前広場). It is in the plaza that you are introduced to Steve Burnside. During the cutscene, Claire receives a handgun; a box of ammo can be found next to it. Of the three other doors in the room, one is locked and the other is inaccessible, leaving only the door in front available.

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Name Japanese name Number Location(s)
Green Herb グリーンハーブ 1 Prisoner management office
Combat Knife コンバットナイフ 1 Prisoner management office
Handgun bullets ハンドガンの弾 3 boxes Prisoner management office
Prisoner management office corridor
Guardhouse Plaza
Ink ribbons インクリボン 3 Prisoner management office corridor
Duralumin Case アタッシュケース 1 Cemetery
TG-01 TG-01 1 Cemetery
Handgun ハンドガン (M93R) 1 Guardtower plaza

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