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Position U.S.S. Echo Six Features
Assault (突撃兵 Tsugekihei?) LUPO DEE-AY High attack power; more likely to incapacitate an enemy.[excerpt 1]
Engineer (工作兵 Kōsaku-hei?) BELTWAY TWEED Explosives expert. Can turn around a defensive fight.[excerpt 2]
Scout (偵察兵 Teisatsu-hei?) VECTOR WILLOW

Covert operations; can mimic enemy team mates.[excerpt 3]

Medic (衛生兵 Eisei-hei?) BERTHA HARLEY Heals the wounds of team mates.[excerpt 4]
Communications (通信兵 Tsūshin-hei?) SPECTRE PARTY GIRL Can confirm the location of various enemies and scout for weapons.[excerpt 5]
BC Soldier (BC兵 BC-hei?) FOUR EYES SHONA Can use zombies against enemies as bio-weapons.[excerpt 6]


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