How to play Resident Evil 4Edit

First, you need a working set of eyes and at least two hands (the game is playable with one but expect a lot of dying). First, put the game into your Gamecube, PlayStation 2, PC, backwards compatible PS3, or Wii.

Listed below are the controls for the Gamecube, PlayStation 2, Wii and PC. It's advised to buy a gamepad if you plan to play on the PC.

Control Gamecube PlayStation 2 Wii PC
Movement D-pad or Analog D-pad or L3 Analog stick WASD
Camera C-Stick R3 D-Pad Arrow keys
Action (fire weapon if aiming) A X A Left click, Enter
Run (hold and move forward) B Square or O Z Ctrl right
180-degree turn (press with backwards) B Square or O Z S + Ctrl right
Map Z Triangle 1 M
Inventory Y Start - I
Ready Weapon R R1 B Right click, Right Shift
Aim (while gun is equipped) Analog L3 Aim Remote WASD, Mouse.
Reload (while gun is equipped) B Square or O D-Pad or Shake Remote Ctrl right
Prepare Knife L L1 C Left shift
Slash with knife A X Hold C and press A or Shake Remote Left click, Enter
Give Partner Commands X R2 + F
Pause Start Select 2 Escape

Hell, once you really think about it. The controls are the same as they've always been for Resident Evil games. The camera's just changed.

Basic TipsEdit

The knife is your basic weapon and most universal weapon: The knife here is an invaluable survival tool. It can be used to destroy boxes and other destructible objects. When you run out of ammo or you simply save ammo for later encounters, the knife is also an incredibly effective combat tool; Just keep your targets down by slashing them to death. Also, a Ganado being slashed may be thrown back a bit, allowing you to unleash powerful moves like the kick or the suplex which can disperse and scatter a crowd. The Knife requires little skill with Ganados but will require a bit more in the way of tactics with bigger and more agile creatures like Novistadores as they can leap away.

Know your weapon and its use: Weapon familiarization is key to ammo conservation; basic weapons knowledge might save your life. Though you don't have to memorize all the facts about the weapon, common sense and basic knowledge of each weapon class is enough for weapons familiarization: for example, shotguns are most effective at close range and it has a scatter radius or grenades can clear out a mob in seconds. Using a shotgun for far range sniping isn't exactly the best idea in the world. It wouldn't reach it's full potential and it's a major waste of ammo; likewise, the sniper rifle's slow firing rate doesn't make it a very efficient close quarter combat weapon (except on lines of enemies). Also, powerful weapons like the Broken Butterfly or Killer7 aren't recommended for weak enemies like Ganados because the ammo for these weapons is not the easiest thing to find or it doesn't show at all so save it for strong enemies like U-3.

Stun 'em: Head-shots aren't the only way to stun most opponents and keep them away from you. Shooting them in the legs is enough to keep them down, though it deals less damage. A leg shot is slightly easier when pressured. A kick can help stun everyone if you are in tight situations, giving you time to run or strike back.

Determine your enemy's weaknesses and strengths: Most of the time you can attempt a head-shot for optimal damage, but if you just unloaded 200 TMP rounds on an enemy and it wasn't even stunned, it's time to think a little bit and see if your target has a weak point. The Garrador, for example, is nearly impervious to any frontal assaults. Its weak point is the plaga on its back. When you throw a flash bang at it, it enables them to see, so always look before you blindly leap into a fight.

Sniper rifles: In addition to being able to zoom, snipers can pierce through multiple enemies in the line of fire. Use this to your advantage when there's several enemies tightly packed in front of you.

Automatic weapons: Automatic weapons like the TMP expend ammunition at a rapid pace, so shoot in 3 round bursts as much as possible when faced with weaker enemies. If the need arises though, fire away chief.

Fear the light!: Flash grenades can instantly destroy any exposed Plagas in range when thrown or fired. Use this if you are overwhelmed by plaga creatures. However, ganados and other creatures whose plagas are still inside the host bodies will simply be stunned [WARNING: Even if bosses have their plagas exposed, they WILL NOT instantly die but may still be stunned]. Don't use them while you are on the water.

Red barrels: Red barrels are explosives and will explode when shot. Use this to your advantage but use caution as it might take you with it.

Projectiles: Thrown objects like axes, scythes and even crossbow bolts can be shot and deflected. Some of these can even be knifed out of the air! It's not recommended to actually TRY to knife them, but still good to know.

Ganado Grenade: Ganados wielding TNT are both your enemy and friend. If they die with a lit TNT or if you shoot the thing on their hand they explode with about the same potency of a hand grenade.

Kick the Door!: Pressing the action button two times on the door will have the character kick it. If anyone unlucky enough gets hit by it, he will be temporarily stunned. There is also a good chance he can get knocked down so use this opportunity for a suplex on him!

Sounds: It is strongly advised you play with a sound system to more easily determine if, when, and where you will be attacked, such as when the castle ganados are about to attack you from behind (they always chuckle deeply). That's your cue to move fast, especially if Ashley is with you as they usually either hit both of you or grab her.

Learn to strategize: Plan your moves for a second and don't blindly rush into situations as that strategy is certain to fail. Avoid combat and run if you're low on health, reserve more powerful guns for stronger foes and reserve health items for more critical situations.

Always be alert, even in cut-scenes: Sometimes even in cut-scenes you will be faced with quick time events, so it is strongly advised you always keep your fingers on the controller/keyboard. Failure to press the correct combination of buttons will yield unpleasant results.

Alternative forms of healing: Unlike previous titles, where restoration of health is mostly done with Herbs and the 1st aid spray, consuming food like eggs and fish will restore health.

Run: If low on ammo and outnumbered, one of the best options would be to flee.

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