Each campaign in Resident Evil 6 players differently and each character has their own unique moments in the game and occasionally different weapons or abilities. Additionally, enemy type and placement vary on difficulty. For the purposes of this walkthrough, all content described draws from normal difficulty.

View the Serpent Emblems page for a complete list of Serpent Emblem locations and the items they unlock.


  • Leon's experience in the introduction is relatively linear and self-explanatory. Complete the Quick-Time Events (QTE) as required.
  • While Helena is lying against the wall in the alley, find the herb in the jeep. When the player leans down to heal Helena, the soldier in the car will wake up and attack. Players must complete several QTEs to progress.


Walkthrough for Resident Evil 6 are available in each Campaigns below. Note that some Walkthroughs are not available for a while.

Leon's CampaignEdit

Playable Characters:

  • Leon Scott Kennedy
  • Helena Harper

Chris' CampaignEdit

Playable Characters:

Jake's CampaignEdit

Playable Characters:

Ada's CampaignEdit

Playable Characters:

General TipsEdit

  • Several types of QTEs exist in Resident Evil 6. Players should familiarize themselves with each to decrease reaction time.
  • Explore all areas to find a briefcases contains either Skill Points or Weapons, also find for Serpent Emblems.
  • Playing Split-screen with your friend makes gameplay more easier as your friend can be more Cooperative and Helpful than an AI partner, although skills like Lone Wolf, Field Medic, and Team-up only works in Singleplayer.
  • On the console, both thumb-sticks can be used during QTEs to increase speed of completion.
  • Shoot enemies while behind cover. This prevents your Character from taking too much damage when playing harder Difficulties.
  • Save ammo by using Melee attacks. Attempt to dash towards the enemy then immediately attack them using Melee. Melee after dashing causes considerably more damage than regular Melee.
  • When playing alone, use Move In gesture (by pressing Up arrow) to let partner attacks, for easier gameplay.
  • Players are recommended to always use Handguns to kill Zombies and J'avos as 9mm Ammo appear more often in crates. The other heavier weapons (Elephant Killer, for example) is used for tougher enemies, since their ammo rarely appears.
  • Players should memorize the button combinations to mix, place in pack, and consume herbs to take the actions quickly in combat.
  • When obtaining herbs, players should immediately mix them with another herb and place them in the pack to keep some Item slots free. OR, When the player finds either 2 or 3 Green Herbs or Green and Red Herb, player can press H button to combine all herbs and convert them into Tablets.
  • When player uses Skills (unless playing in No Hope difficulty), it's recommended to use these skills for easier gameplay: Defense, Physical Combat Gauge, Lock-On, Firearm, Infinite Magnum Ammo, Melee.
  • Players also need to only obtain ammo for their most-used weapon. If the player(s) do not use certain weapons, such as Sniper Rifle or Assault Rifle, the player(s) do not need to obtain ammo for those weapons.

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